My Heritage. My Now. My Future.


becs Jan 2017
Film photograph of myself in January 2017. Shot on a disposable film camera.

At present, I am very much enjoying engaging with the media around me. I spend time between classes chasing interviews of interest for Room With A View on 3RRR 102.7fm. My side project Instagram @__6x4__ was curated as a way to share the different methods of photography that I have engaged with inside and outside my studies.

A motivator for me in making media, is the increasingly blurred line between producer and consumer.  Making media is no longer about simply communicating information via a direct channel to a receiver. Media and communications function to maintain the core functions of society, but an innovative media maker will make content that not only provokes thought and insight but stirs at this core.


FullSizeRender 2.jpg
Using the family camcorder nearby the Pyramids of Giza, Eygpt in 2004

I am proud to say that my culture has helped shape my view of the world and I would like to actively contribute to a more diverse media landscape. As an Australian with ethnic heritage, I have the privilege of insight in to understanding aspects of the culture not often reported on in the mainstream media. It is this insight that I aim to approach all my work in the media with this sensitivity in the forefront of my mind.

From a young age, I have found the mediums of photography and writing a way to express oneself. It is through my tertiary education that I have developed these methods to not only express my self, my ideas and passions but to curate complex topics in the broader world.


A Pentax 35mm film shot from LANEWAY music festival. Taken at GLASS ANIMALS headline set.

In the future I would like to continue working in the field of broadcast radio as well as documenting the world around me through photojournalism type pieces and continue to promote music (local, Australian and internationally) through all media platforms including written, video/TV, online and  photography.



The featured image at the top of page was taken on April 15th 2016 at RMIT City Campus’ A’ beckett Sqaure, It captures a young man looking up briefly before returning to a game of basketball with his friends.